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The Million Dollar Miracle

Do you know when you plan something out scrupulously, down to the smallest detail, and all of a sudden the door to success slams in your face? If you answered no, then I wonder what planet you’re on and how do I get there? If you answered yes, then you will probably enjoy this incredible […]

Saby & Rosi Behar YEHUDI Fellowships – Journey to Poland – Day 2 – Treblinka / Tykocin

Sunrise in Warsaw Best Shakshuka in Poland! Living Room learning session with Rabbi Berkman We’ll miss the Hilton! Entering Treblinka The tracks leading to the gateways of death. Mommy…please don’t leave me… Gam ki eilech… Zeh hashar l’hashem, tzadikim yavau bo. Ani maamin Am yisrael chai! Placing our stones from Jerusalem on our cities YEHUDI […]