Day of Inspiration – Story

The Story

The vision behind the YEHUDI Day of Inspiration is to provide an avenue through which South Floridian Jews of all walks of life can enter into Yom Kippur with renewed commitment and an inspired spiritual drive.

YEHUDI has brought together an all-star cast presenters from around the world to Inspire you. Be sure to take advantage of this great opportunity and get tickets for yourself and your close friends.

This years event will feature a live Million Dollar all-or-nothing campaign. Every dollar contributed to YEHUDI on the day of the event will be matched by three generous YEHUDI backers up until $1,000,000. It’s all or nothing, so if YEHUDI does not reach the million dollar mark – ALL contributions gets returned!

Funds raised through the campaign will go towards advancing the YEHUDI movement of meaningful Jewish living throughout South Florida.

Looking forward to seeing you there,