We just can’t wait for Shabbos!!

Walking through the cattle cars at the Radegast train station in Lodz, Poland

YEHUDI Fellowships Singing Shema Yisrael in Madjanek Concentration Camp

Rabbi Shlomo Stilerman – I May Be Dreaming, But I’m Not Sleeping!
Fun and meaningful insights on setting aspirations high and removing obstacles that stand in the way of our dreams.

Slovie Jungreis Wolff – Back to Eden – Building the perfect relationship

Rabbi YY Jacobson – How to Discover Your Spark – The process of change

Kivi Bernhard –  “Speaking of Jewish” – The journey of a Jew keynoting to Fortune 500 companies across the globe

Rabbi YY Jacobson – The Holiness of Your Sins – How to score your best Yom Kippur!

Kivi Bernhard – LET MY PEOPLE GO – Be hugely successful and hated for it!

Rabbi Gavriel Friedman – Say What You Want to Say – But you might have to pay! The power of speech

Rabbi YY Jacobson – How to Forgive Others; How to Forgive Yourself; How to Forgive G-d

Slovie Jungreis Wolff accepts the ANI YEHUDI award on behalf of her mother, Rebitzen Esther Jungreis.