Mrs. Adina Stilerman

Co-Founder & Director of Women’s Division

Mrs. Stilerman grew up in Miami Beach where she was raised from a young age with a strong passion for Jewish outreach. Her mother recognized the importance of a Jewish day school education and would give of her own time and resources to ensure unaffiliated, immigrant Jewish families would have access to schooling for their children. Young Adina would play with these children while her mother would meet and talk with the parents, encouraging them to choose a Jewish school for the sake of their children’s future.

Mrs. Stilerman was the Co-Director of Aish Hampstead in London for four years, where she became a source of Jewish inspiration for hundreds of millennials. She co-founded YEHUDI in memory of her mother, and currently serves as the Director of Women’s Education. She is one of today’s most sought-after Jewish female speakers in Florida.