Mrs. Ester Seigel


Mrs. Ester Seigel is the “heart and soul” of YEHUDI. She joined YEHUDI in its infancy and has played an invaluable role in YEHUDI’s growth over the past four years.  Mrs. Seigel is driven by the desire of helping make other people’s jobs as easy as possible and making YEHUDI, as a whole, as productive as possible. She was drawn to YEHUDI by the idea of being part of something “bigger than herself” by working behind the scenes to “help the Jewish people.”

Mrs. Seigel, along with her husband Moshe and daughter Yael, resides in Miami Beach where she manages the YEHUDI Hub and YEHUDI business operations as well as serves as YEHUDI’s programming coordinator.

For anything and everything YEHUDI …  Mrs. Ester Seigel is the address for you!