Rabbi Shlomo Stilerman

Founder & CEO

Rabbi Stilerman was born into a family where community outreach had been part of his childhood. As early as 2004, he served as Director of Special Development for JEP (Jewish Education Program) in Long Island, NY and was a recruiter for their summer camp, Camp Nageela. Seeing the immense positive impact the camp had on the community, Rabbi Stilerman saw its potential and developed it into a national franchise.

He spent three years in Israel and received semicha/rabbinical ordination from Rabbi Yitzchok Berkowitz at the Jerusalem College Kollel, and began teaching thereafter at Aish Jerusalem. Seeking a profession at the time, he also obtained licensure as an investment advisor, running the family’s hedge fund, and began a real estate investment company.


His passion for Judaism and outreach, though, led him down a different path. An investment advisor by profession—Rabbi Stilerman is a rabbi by choice. His charisma allowed him to be recruited to serve as a rabbi in England for AISH UK-Hampstead, and he worked with their young professionals for four years. The largest indoor menorah lighting ceremony in the UK took place under Rabbi Stilerman’s dynamic leadership.


Recently, he and his family moved back to the United States where Rabbi Stilerman became the Founder and Director of YEHUDI, established in the memory of his mother-in-law, Zahava Goldwasser, a”h.

Under Rabbi Stilerman’s leadership, YEHUDI has grown from a local Miami organization to a statewide revolution with seven branches across Florida. Aside from Jewish outreach, he enjoys playing guitar and singing. He lives in Miami Beach with his wife, Adina, and their five children.