Rabbi Jacob Kon

YEHUDI Tallahassee

Rabbi Jacob Kon is YEHUDI’s own superhero who, together with his wife Yehudis, works day and night to supercharge Jewish life at Florida State University in Tallahassee.

Before joining YEHUDI in 2017, Rabbi Kon founded and managed several startup companies. He earned a Masters of Religious Education from Talmudic University in Miami in 2013 and rabbinic ordination from the same institution in 2016. Rabbi Kon has a background in pedagogical education and, yes, is a licensed personal trainer as well. 

Driven by a passion for the Jewish future and Jewish survival, one of Rabbi Kon’s most satisfying YEHUDI achievements was joining 28 YEHUDI students in the Holy Land this summer on YEHUDI’s Yeshiva Experience, a program that he and his wife Yehudis spearheaded. 

Are YOU in Tallahassee? The Kons are your address for Shabbat, innovative learning experiences, friendly faces and anything else Jewish you may need!