YEHUDI Fellowships: Podcast Edition

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The Torah offer timeless classic insight to deal with the relevant issues facing America today. Now is your opportunity to join thousands of College Students across America, and contribute your insights and applications to the Torah. The mission of this fellowship is for students to grow and inspire one another through the open exchange of ideas and insights. YEHUDI Fellowships: Podcast Edition offers a Stipend which has the potential to grow the more ways you help our community expand. Learn more

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Exclusive YEHUDI Bonuses

Double Your Money Bonus

When you review 8 podcasts, and submit a one minute video review for each, YEHUDI will double your money. Yup, that’s a $30 stipend per podcast!

Refer a Friend Bonus

When you refer a friend, both you and your friend will receive money when he or she reviews their first podcast.

Torah is not education, it’s transformation.

– Rebbitzen Dena Weinberg