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  • The Rome/Jerusalem trip is all inclusive including: Flights, lodging, food, programming. There may be additional charges for luggage at the airlines discretion. Any luggage fees are the responsibility of the participant.
  • 1. This YEHUDI Trip is part of a YEHUDI Fellowship. Participation in the trip is dependent on participation in the entire fellowship program as detailed below. 2. The YEHUDI Fellowship consists of: • 10 learning sessions with a YEHUDI campus educator. • Full participation in two complete shabbats with the Fellowship group (Including 12/13-12/14/2019 in Miami) 3. Failure to complete any of the above conditions could result in disqualification from the Fellowship Trip. 4. YEHUDI reserves the right to disqualify any participant from the Fellowship and trip, at any time, for a full refund 5. Make up dates for learning and shabatonim may be available on an individual basis, at the sole discretion of YEHUDI. 6. Should a participant cancel after 11/1/2019, he or she may be held responsible to pay the entire actual value of the trip ($3500) 7. Shabbatonim begin before sunset on Friday and end after sundown Saturday night 8. All dates are subject to change
  • YEHUDI is committed to creating an environment where every participant feels safe and respected. There will be a no tolerance policy towards any participant acting in ways that make other participants feel unsafe or uncomfortable . A violator can be dismissed from the program at any time at his or her own expense, including travel home. Violations include but are not limited to: Unwanted touching, being in the hotel rooms of participants of the opposite gender, lewd or inappropriate speech.
  • YEHUDI is an affiliate of Olami. With programs in over 30 countries, Olami and its funding partners sometimes use independent verification firms to assure that programs are attended and impactful. By registering, I understand that I might be contacted by a verification firm for quality control purposes.*