YEHUDI Poland Fellowship 2019

May 7-May 14 2019

One cannot fully grasp the magnitude of the Holocaust solely from text or testimony. Step into Jewish history as you explore what was known as the nerve center of the Jewish world for centuries; Poland. Polish Jewry produced over 1,000 years of rich Jewish culture and philosophy only to end with the devastating destruction of 90% percent of the Jewish population, and the shattering of a beautiful world that once was.

YEHUDI Fellowships is the chance for Jewish college student to connect to their community and strengthen their Jewish identity. Fellowships include learning and Shabbat opportunities on campus during the semester and life changing trips with students from across the state of Florida.

“Discover the world. Discover You.”


  • Krakow

  • Lublin

  • Lancut

  • Auschwitz

  • Majdenek

  • Schindler’s Factory

And much more…

All-inclusive experience of a lifetime



  • Airfare
  • Ground travel
  • Hotel accommodation
  • Three meals a day
  • On campus fellowship activities
  • Pre-trip Miami weekend

“Date and Itinerary subject to change”