YEHUDI Fellowships: YP Poland 2021- Registration

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  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Airline tickets will be purchased with this name so please double check spelling.
  • This trip begins with a flight from Fort Lauderdale (FLL) or Miami International Airport (MIA) and is priced accordingly. Once flights are booked, they are non-refundable. Should it be impossible for you to fly from FLL or MIA please let us know below. YEHUDI will try but not guarantee to accommodate Any difference in airfare would be the sole responsibility of the participant.
  • This trip is all inclusive including: Flights, lodging, food, programming. There may be additional charges for luggage at the airlines discretion. Any luggage, including carry-on luggage, fees are the responsibility of the participant.
  • YEHUDI Prides itself on great SWAG. Please let us know what size sweatshirt or T-Shirt we can order for you.
  • This Poland trip is part of a YEHUDI Fellowships program. Requirements of YEHUDI Fellowships include: -Participation in 10 Fellowship classes at YEHUDI HUB in Miami Beach prior to the trip. - Full participation in the pre trip Shabbat in Miami Beach (12/10-12/11/2021) Dates for Fellowship classes should have been provided to you by the YEHUDI educator on your campus during your Fellowship interview. Missed Fellowship classes can be made up through one-on-one learning with a YEHUDI educator at the discretion of that educator. Failure to complete Fellowship requirements may result in ineligibility for the fellowship trip
  • YEHUDI is committed to creating an environment where every participant feels safe and respected. There will be a no tolerance policy towards any participant acting in ways that make other participants feel unsafe or uncomfortable . A violator can be dismissed from the program at any time at his or her own expense, including travel home. Violations include but are not limited to: Unwanted touching, being in the hotel rooms of participants of the opposite gender, lewd or inappropriate speech.
  • YEHUDI's primary concern remains the safety and well being of each and every participant.  In accordance with CDC guidelines, YEHUDI strongly recommends that all eligible participants be vaccinated prior to this trip. As with all current travel, guidelines will be dictated by current (at time of travel) policies in the countries we are visiting. Currently Poland requires COVID-19 certificate of vaccination to avoid a mandatory 10 day quarantine The United States currently requires a negative PCR test upon return. Participants who are not able to travel because of negligence in vaccination , will not be permitted to travel and will not receive a refund. Each participant is is choosing to travel at his/her own risk. Should and participant not be able to return to the US, with the group, YEHUDI can not be held responsible for additional accommodations' required in Poland. The participant alone is responsible for any additional travel or medical accommodations. YEHUDI will require participants purchase travel insurance prior to this trip.
  • By clicking "I confirm" below, you are confirming that you are participating in this program at your own risk. YEHUDI is not liable and shall not be held responsible for and injury, illness (covid or non-covid related) loss of property or loss of life, God Forbid.
  • YEHUDI is an affiliate of Olami. With programs in over 30 countries, Olami and its funding partners sometimes use independent verification firms to assure that programs are attended and impactful. By registering, I understand that I might be contacted by a verification firm for quality control purposes.*
  • Price: $999.00
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